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"Pay It Forward" for PTSD in June 2015

"Pay It Forward" in Honor of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day June 27, 2015.

For all of June we will honor PTSD Awareness Day by offering our new clients dealing with Trauma (and possible PTSD) as their primary issue with:

1. Either a free Initial Assessment Appointment


2. they can elect to have Transitions donate the full amount received (co-pay

and insurance payment, etc) to a relevant charity.

The charity will be chosen by Carey's Women's Trauma Support Group members in a vote on 6/18/15. Also, any interested new member to this group who can join by Thursday 6/18/15 can elect to apply the free or donated session to the Initial Assessment for this group. See Current Groups page for more details.

All three of our therapists are available for this promotion and all three have varied expertise with Trauma and PTSD. This is subject to each therapists available openings.

To take part in this promotion:

1. Please tell us you would like to Pay It Forward to PTSD when you first call or e-mail.

2. Please tell us again at the first appointment and make sure you sign a Pay It Forward Choice form to indicate whether you would like a free session or for Transitions to donate the amount received.

We would feel honored to work with you!

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